Smart System is an alternative demounted stand system. It provides you a different stand than the conventional modular stands.

  • It has a lot more design varieties than the old type modular stands
  • Our professional team offers endless visual decoration and graphic design options
  • Provides fast installation chance, does not give a chance to encounter surprises
  • No screw holes, plaster marks or paint cracks on the Smart Stand
  • It is Eco-friendly and respects nature. When the main materials used to lose their function, they are sent back to recycling
  • Economical
  • Offers the same visual and technical qualities as special wooden stands

  • An aesthetic stand can be created with appropriate budgets

  • The Smart Stand has been developed in accordance with the fair motto. It is outstanding, inviting, it is the best choice for the purpose



that will work

About Smart System

Smart System is a Smart Stand System
Smart stands; are the modular stands that offer special solutions for fairs, congresses, promotional events, product launches and many activities etc.

It is an indispensable solution partner for your company with a wide range of designs in all the events you participate in at home and abroad.

If you want to be different in fairs and events, contact us


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What can we do for you?

We can design fair

and congress stands

  • You can choose the stand from the section of our Stand Designs, you can see this stand with the visuals of your company

  • We can design a more specialized stand for your company

We can make

Graphic Design

  • We can design all the digital prints you need for your stand

  • We can do both design and manufacturing for your printed work such as catalogs and brochures

We can make professional photo shoots

  • We can take pictures of the photographs you need for your printed work

  • We can take professional photos of your stand

    We can make suggestions for your promotional items

    • We can make recommendations for your promotional items.
    • We can design and manufacture promotion

    We can share information about fairs

    • We can give you detailed information about the fairs you would like to attend

    • We can recommend different fairs about your sector

    We can always be in contact

    • We do not see you as just our customer and your work looks like our own business

    • We are among team of your company with our entire crew

    Our Working System​​​​​​​



    Our primary goal is to recognize your company. We can create stand and product display areas that will best represent you



    We pass into the design phase when we have received sufficient information. We will make the most accurate positioning for your company and naturally your products to be exhibited

    Graphic Design and


    We work on stand images according to design rules. We use branding and visual applications to influence your potential customers



    We’ll make the revisions that you think are essential for your stand and we'll get your confirmation with the final state of manufacture.

    Manufacturing and Preparation Phase

    With your approval, we go to the manufacturing and preparation phase. We control all materials to be used on your stand, we do our assembly plan

    Installation and

    Disassembly Phase

    We will finish the assembly of our stand according to the day and hour we set in our contract and we will deliver it cleaned