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    WELCOME to the world of Smart Stand
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    RIGHT CHOICES always makes you win
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    Smart System offers you a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VISION


The main idea of the Smart System is the result of a completely environmentalist approach. The wooden decorative stands turned into a rubble at the end of the exhibition, which led us to create an alternative stand system. Our goal is to get down "Time - Money - Labor" loss the most.

Smart System; Is a registered Turkish Trademark. Our stand system is a patented product of our company and it is a process of five years starting from research and development stage. All profile and connection materials are specially developed for the system and manufactured in Turkey.

We set the target for opening to the world market, that's why our mark is in English. We are serving you not only in Turkey but also in the fairs and congresses you attend all over the world.

To speed up your business,​​​​​​​



Welcome to the SMART world 

We prepared stand designs which can be applied to different areas with the aim of providing your company with the fastest solution. It would be enough if you pick one and send us the necessary data for the visuals. We place your company logo and visuals to the design that you like. You confirm your stand and make the other arrangements. IT’S THAT EASY…

BUDGETS ARE PRE-DETERMINED… We don’t come up with surprises. The pricing of the stand you like is ready. We do not implement different prices even though there is one week left to the fair date. Even when you do not decide which design you like, and you want a unique design for your company, you carry on by knowing the approximate pricing.

We aim the best for

your company

We have rules, too​​​​​​​

We cannot apply a design that is reserved or rented with a contract to another company, at the same fair. In such a case, it would be ethically appropriate to choose a different project.

It is possible to see photos of all our equipment which can be used in our stand on our site. It is important for us to make your preferences until the day before we start assembling the stand.

For all our stands we have two height options, 2.8 meters and 4 meters. If you demand a different size, we have to make new production. For this reason, our pricing will also change.

One day before we start assembling the stand, all the pictures we plan to use have to go through the manufacturing phase. Otherwise, we would not want to be responsible for any discomfort experienced during printing process.

If you cannot choose the designs of the visuals to be used on your stand from the options available on our site, we will have to make a completely new design for your company. In this case, 500 EUR “Graphic Design Price” will be added on your stand bill.


Smart System

Smart standlar; fuarlar, kongreler, tanıtım etkinlikleri, ürün lansmanları gibi pekçok aktivitede firmanıza özel çözümler sunan modüler standlardır. Yurtiçi ve yurtdışında katıldığınız tüm etkinliklerde geniş bir tasarım yelpazesiyle firmanızın vazgeçilmez çözüm ortağıdır.

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Enteresan Mimarlık

Enteresan Mimarlık tasarım yapar...

Enteresan Mimarlık tasarımlarını en iyi şekilde uygular...

Enteresan Mimarlık; hedefleri doğrultusunda butik tasarımlar yapar. Sosyal ve ticari alanlardan konutlara, fuar standından televizyon stüdyosuna, ürün teşhir standından mobilyaya kadar birçok alanda çözüm ortağınızdır. Tasarımdan, imalat ve montaja kadar tüm süreçlere aynı titizlikle yaklaşır, en iyi sonuçları görmek için çalışırız.